Risk Management

Security Audit and diagnosis

You want to control the risks your company faces? You are a public or private institution and risk control is a key issue for you?   

An audit/diagnosis of conformity enables the company to review the fulfilment of its regulatory and/or normative obligations in terms of the safety of equipment, buildings, fire protection means, prevention of major risks, chemical products, etc.

Carrying out a diagnosis also brings many advantages and will open the way for you in terms of organization and procedures

Thanks to its experience and expertise in risk management, CEI HALFAOUI offers a wide range of audits and diagnoses in accordance with international regulations and standards. Our experts will develop an action plan for establishing solutions for each discrepancy detected.

When to make an Audit or a Diagnosis?   

An audit or diagnosis may be necessary in several cases:

  1. Regulatory Compliance ;
  2. Willingness to go international;
  3. Loss of productivity ;
  4. Repeated work accidents ;
  5. Acquisition of a company ;
  6. Change of direction ;
  7. Etc.

Whatever the reason, an audit or diagnosis will first allow us to establish a statement of the situation by measuring the gap between the facts observed and one or more reference systems. Following this observation, we would establish a detailed picture of the situation and set up the most appropriate action plan.

Our audits and diagnosis offer

CEI HALFAOUI, expert in the industrial field for more than 29 years, offers several types of audits and diagnosis:

  1. Audit of industrial safety and means of prevention ;
  2. Security audit and technical compliance of buildings ;
  3. Diagnosis of the integrity of installations and equipment ;
  4. Chemical Management Audit ;
  5. Operability diagnosis ;
  6. Major risks prevention.

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