Mechanical industries

The mechanical engineering industry covers a large number of sectors: railway, metallurgy, automotive, agricultural, etc. It thus includes all occupation in the installation, assembly, mounting, and maintenance of machinery of all types, sizes and uses. These processes are fraught with business risks, and require a great deal of attention to the regulations and standards in force to ensure a safe operating environment.

Thanks to its long-standing expertise, CEI HALFAOUI is able to support companies operating in the mechanical industry. A support that covers a wide range of services responding to both technical and managerial concerns.

CEI HALFAOUI, your trusted EHS partner in your machinery activities

Whether it is to meet a need for regulatory or normative compliance, CEI HALFAOUI deals with problems related to the technical and organizational risks inherent to your activities in the workshops or inside your plants.

Our study, audit and consulting services include :

  1. SIL Study ;
  2. HAZID/HAZOP studies ;
  3. Diagnosis of operability ;
  4. Diagnosis of the integrity of installations and equipment ;
  5. Audit of the fire-fighting system ;
  6. Audit of detection systems ;
  7. Safety plans (traffic, evacuation, fire, etc.) ;
  8. Chemical Management Audit ;
  9. Organizational and technical procedures ;
  10. Accident or crisis management procedures ;
  11. Work Permit System ;
  12. EHS Plan ;
  13. Dashboard and EHS monitoring.

CEI HALFAOUI, the solution for OH&S and Environmental compliance in your workshops

In factories or mechanical workshops, employees are exposed to all kinds of risks. However, the most predominant are mechanical risks and problems related to the environment (noise, heat, light, etc.), which can lead to temporary or permanent incapacitation of operators, or complaints and disputes from the neighbourhood.

Concerned and aware of your responsibility towards your workers/employees and the surrounding environment, CEI HALFAOUI offers you excellence in Safety, Health at Work and the Environment. Our expertise will allow you to stay in line with the regulations and standards in force, and this through :

  1. Diagnoses and measurement of EHS regulatory compliance ;
  2. Implementation of EHS procedures ;
  3. OH&S audit ;
  4. Acoustic audit ;
  5. Chemical Management Audit ;
  6. Ergonomics and ambience study ;
  7. Training and awareness-raising on good safety practices and management systems.

CEI HALFAOUI, your partner of choice to reach energy efficiency

Although environmental factors and energy incentives tend to be mutually exclusive, the application of certain technological measures can reconcile efficiency and reduce consumption in energy applications. Thanks to its expertise, CEI HALFAOUI can help you quantify the potential for energy savings at the scale of your facility, equipment and means of transport. We offer energy audit services at the end of which we will enable you to define an appropriate action plan for the optimization of your energy consumption whether in the short, medium or long term.

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