The environment is an invaluable asset, whether you are in the production or service sector, environmental protection is a major responsibility, the stakes of which affect the quality of your products and/or services, as well as the social system of your company. These subjects present economic and legal stakes.

Through its experience and qualifications, CEI HALFAOUI is directly and indirectly involved in the advent of an environmental culture in Algeria.

  1. You are aware of the importance of the environment and you want to be an actor of change?
  2. You want to develop your economic fundamentals while preserving the environment ?
  3. You believe that the health and safety of your employees is paramount ?

CEI HALFAOUI is your expert partner allowing you to combine economic performance and respect for the environment. CEI HALFAOUI is committed to take charge of your environmental study and audit projects. Having been present in the field since 1991, CEI HALFAOUI became a quality reference for environmental services in various sectors of activity.

What we offer   

CEI HALFAOUI offers a range of services around three environmental themes : classified installations, polluted sites and soils, and occupational health and safety.

  1. Environmental Audits
  2. OH&S audit
  3. Studies of facilities subject to environmental protection statutes (ICPE)
  4. Expertise and treatment of oil sloughs
  5. Decommissioning and decontamination studies
  6. Environmental Due Diligence

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