Risk Management

Safety Management System (SMS)  

What is Safety Management System?  

The safety Management System (SMS), established based on defined requirements in the Hazard assessment study, characterizes the organization, the functions, the procedures, and the resources of any order involving the prevention and the treatment of the major accidents of which your activity is concerned.

In the oil and gas sector, SMS is one of the key elements in obtaining an operating license and ensuring facility compliance.

Strong by its qualified and experienced staff of experts in risk management, CEI HALFAOUI provides assistance in the implementation of your safety management system (SMS) following applicable regulations.

What does Safety Management Systems cover? 

The Safety Management System integrates safety and prevention parameters into the overall management of the company in all its functions, particularly those concerned by major accidents. Therefore, it includes support activities and safety management system training (organization and training, management of change MOC, process safety management, etc.) and management activities (monitoring and performance, audit and periodic review, etc.).

What is the difference between the other management systems? 

The Safety Management System shares the same philosophy as the other safety management systems (ISO 45001…) and states that :

  • No incident is minor;
  • Safety is everyone’s business;
  • Industry safety must be managed;
  • Safety involves all company activities.

Such systems apply to the continuous improvement loop principle, except it is not a voluntary process, but a regulatory obligation.

Which activities are concerned by the safety management system? 

In the Algerian regulatory context, the SMS is required as a separate document if you operate in one of the following “hydrocarbon” activities :

  • Refining installation;
  • Extraction and treatment of hydrocarbons;
  • Works of transport of hydrocarbons by pipeline;
  • Pipelines for the transport of petroleum products;
  • Installation for filling liquefied flammable gases (quantity greater than or equal to 200 t);
  • Fuel storage facilities including loading or unloading facilities associated with these storages (except service stations; quantity equal to or greater than 10 000t);
  • Installation ensuring the operations of transformation of hydrocarbons;
  • Port installations for loading or unloading oil tankers;
  • Installation of storage of liquefied flammable gases or loading or unloading installations associated with these storages (quantity equal to or greater than 200t);

Bitumen manufacturing, storage, or distribution units (quantity greater than or equal to 500t.

Why choose CEI HALFAOUI? 

  • Our firm is approved by the competent authorities;
  • Multidisciplinary staff of experts;
  • 30 years of industry experience;
  • First Algerian industrial expertise firm certified ISO 9001 v 2015;
  • With a proven qualitative monitoring system, we ensure our methods comply with the latest normative and regulatory requirements in Algeria and internationally.

They trusted us: Sonatrach, Naftal, Dodsal, ENI, Sinopec, etc.

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