Risk Management

Whatever the nature of your activity, whether you are in a manufacturing company, an agri-food or paper plant, a food processing, metallurgy, energy or even construction company, your activities generate “industrial” risks and controlling them must be a priority.

CEI HALFAOUI stands out as a pioneer and a quality partner in risk management. The strong expertise in industrial risks in Algeria, the know-how and the accumulation of experience of our teams on the ground have enabled the firm to invest in major projects.

What are those risks and their consequences ?   

The typology of risks as well as the prevention methods vary according to the nature of the industry and the sector of activity, most of which are dictated by regulations and standards that are meticulously mastered by our experts and consultants.

Whether you are confronted with risks of fire, explosion or pollution, CEI HALFAOUI is committed with its human and material resources to intervene at your site in order to prevent and manage the consequences that affect the health of your employees, the environment, the financial health of your business, the image and reputation of your brand, etc.

Such consequences are detrimental to your company; Nevertheless, solutions exist within our firm, we offer you the action plan to follow based on the standards and regulations in force to ensure the safety and reliability of your facilities and buildings while remaining competitive in your market.

CEI HALFAOUI, a sustainable EHS solution   

CEI HALFAOUI, thanks to its know-how and experience, will assist you throughout your risk control process by bringing your establishment into regulatory and/or normative compliance.

Our experts will take charge of your risk prevention project from the audit and analysis to the development of the risk control study and its follow-up during its implementation.

CEI HALFAOUI is also committed to assist you with its industrial/insurance/legal expertise to assess the impact and damage in case of a claim.

Audit, Diagnosis   

  1. Industrial safety audit and prevention means
  2. Security audit and technical compliance of buildings
  3. Diagnosis of the integrity of installations and equipment
  4. Diagnosis of operability
  5. Prevention of major risks
  6. Chemical Management Audit


  2. SIL Study
  3. QRA Study
  4. ATEX study
  5. Lightning risk analysis
  6. Specific hazard studies (for tunnels, hoppers, confined areas, seawater desalination units, clinics, hospitals, etc.).

Action plans and implementation   

  1. Safety plans (traffic, evacuation, fire, etc.)
  2. Accident or crisis management procedures
  3. Organizational and technical procedures
  4. Safety Management System (SMS)
  5. Work Permit System
  6. EHS Plan
  7. EHS monitoring dashboard
  8. Strategy consulting and crisis communication plan

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