Construction and infrastructure

The construction and infrastructure sector is one of the most complex industries in terms of risk management and it requires rigorous monitoring of health, safety and environmental aspects. In this context, CEI HALFAOUI assists builders and property developers, as well as other actors and service providers in the construction sector. A panel of services is present both in the study phase, as well as in the construction, operation and dismantling phases, in order to comply with regulations and international standards.

CEI HALFAOUI, the EHS solution for your construction projects

Whether it is to meet a need for regulatory or normative compliance, we provide you with our expertise to address your concerns during each phase of your construction project, thus allowing you to guarantee risk control and environmental performance of your projects.

In this sense, our services include :

Environment :

  1. Environmental sensitivity studies (soil sampling and analysis, atmospheric and aqueous discharges);
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) ;
  3. Hazard Study ;
  4. Environmental management plan (waste, accidental pollution, … ) ;
  5. Environmental audit of site operations (acoustics, atmospheric emissions, dust, etc.).

Risk management :

  1. Implementation of safety plans (traffic, evacuation, fire, etc.);
  2. Development of procedures for periodic inspections and accident or crisis management ;
  3. Development of site procedures ;
  4. Lifting device inspection (APL) ;
  5. Development of the EHS Plan ;
  6. Development and support for the implementation of the work permit system ;
  7. Development of the EHS monitoring dashboard;
  8. Strategy consulting and crisis management.

CEI HALFAOUI, the solution for the dismantling of industrial wastelands

Worker safety and respect for the environment  

An industrial wasteland generates a certain impact on the environment due to the history of its activities and the degradation of the equipment that is abandoned within it.

This is why it is necessary to dismantle any industrial wasteland or abandoned facilities.

On the other hand, a dismantling project involves many risks that must be prevented (falling objects or parts to be dismantled from a height, projection, collapse, exposure to dangerous substances and products, etc.).

CEI HALFAOUI, with its experience in the study and management of industrial dismantling projects, is your partner of choice for the assistance through the different phases:

  1. Environmental audit of the site to be dismantled ;
  2. Environmental characterization study of soils and subsoil ;
  3. Risk studies ;
  4. Safety management system for the decommissioning project ;
  5. Steering, monitoring and optimization of the dismantling project;
  6. Safety assurance and regulatory compliance ;
  7. Quality Assurance ;
  8. Project management.

Waste Management

Depending on the importance of the project and the criticality of its environmental indicators, the waste management of a decommissioning project can be complex and tedious. In this context and to enable you to guarantee a high degree of environmental assurance, CEI HALFAOUI provides you with its expertise for technical assistance in the management of issues related to waste management (management of hazardous products, recycling channels, transport safety and optimization, etc).

Soil and basement remediation

The dismantling of a brownfield site requires the treatment of the soil, which is often polluted. A treatment that involves techniques specific to the case of the site, due to the nature of the soil, the pollutants to be treated, the expected performance and the technical and economic context.

To this end, CEI HALFAOUI’s expertise assist you in your project of remediation of soils and subsoil that have been degraded, and this through :

  1. The environmental characterization study of soils and subsoil ;
  2. The realization of a management plan ;
  3. Steering and monitoring of the soil and subsoil remediation project ;
  4. Safety assurance and regulatory compliance.

CEI HALFAOUI, your partner to acquire a real estate or land asset without fear of unpleasant environmental surprises.

Whether virgin land, supporting infrastructure, residential or non-residential buildings, real estate and land assets are of a great variety and their evaluation is aimed at different objectives (sale, business transfer, search for financing and acquisition). Through this valuation, environmental due diligence has a direct impact on the intrinsic value of land and real estate assets, which sometimes require investment in soil and/or subsoil remediation.

Whether you are an owner, an investor, or a real estate developer, CEI HALFAOUI offers you its expertise in asset valuation and environmental due diligence.

An expertise that will enlighten you on your asset sale/acquisition project (real estate or land) and advise you in your strategy.

CEI HALFAOUI, a key partner for public works professionals in OH&S compliance (Occupational Health & Safety)

CEI HALFAOUI, a key partner for public works professionals in OH&S compliance (Occupational Health and Safety).

On the one hand, public works is a sector of activity known to be particularly exposed to occupational diseases and work accidents on the construction site.

On the other hand, improving OH&S indicators contributes in increasing the company’s performance (increased productivity, brand image, reduction in insurance-related costs, etc.).

This is why, the professionals of CEI HALFAOUI assists you in your management of the environment, safety and health of your workers, and this through :

  1. Diagnosis and measurement of OH&S and EHS regulatory compliance ;
  2. OH&S audit ;
  3. Implementation EHS procedures ;
  4. Ergonomics and ambience study.

Training in the construction sector

Training in the construction sectorHALFAOUI Industrial Expertise Firm also offers you a wide and diversified training offer in the field of risk control, environment, management systems, adapted to the needs of the construction sector.

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