CEI HALFAOUI is an independent industrial consulting firm, founded in 1991 by M. Lotfi HALFAOUI, an engineer graduated from the National Institute of The Hydrocarbons Sector of Boumerdes, Algeria.

CEI HALFAOUI offers a large range of services which englobes natural and technological risks control, environmental studies, ISO management systems and economic consulting.

Year after year, CEI HALFAOUI has acquired a widely recognised know-how that has made of our company an excellent provider as well as a trusting partner always close to its clients.



The firm was created with consulting as its main activity along with the industrial companies support in technical and economic studies.


The Industrial Consulting firm HALFAOUI has added the industrial expertise sector, the insurance risks and the judiciary expertise to its activities.


It has enriched its development with its environmental cross-sectional skills, power efficiency and quality.


The Industrial Consulting firm HALFAOUI officially becomes CEI HALFAOUI, grows into a new visual identity, and opens a second office in Algiers.

2017 – 2018

CEI HALFAOUI extends its range of services by reorganising its activity around six expertise business areas in order to answer to the specific needs of its clients in terms of risks management, environment, power efficiency, quality, economic consulting and The Training area launch.


CEI HALFAOUI launches its brand-new internet website.

Our culture

Our mission

 Assisting companies worldwide in the development of their investments as well as the risks management related to the latter, both in Algeria and abroad’’.

After more than 20 years, we have had a hand in more than a hundred projects along the four corners of Algeria in diverse activity sectors such as the energy, hydrocarbons, agro-food and pharmaceutical industries.

For its clients benefit, the firm makes both researches and audits allowing the prevention and mastering of several risks: security, healthcare, hygiene, environment and quality, which weight in their projects and organizations.

The awareness of the socio-economic environment of our clients it’s a constant imperative within CEI HALFAOUI that makes of our human scale firm, a quality reference acknowledged equally as in the maghreb as abroad.

Our values

CEI HALFAOUI has committed with its competences to serving the company directors, decision-makers and value creators. Thanks to its fund of experience accumulated since 1991 on a national and international level, its team is well-known as a Sustainability, Professionalism, Excellency and Reliance guarantee.


CEI HALFAOUI commits to adopt and support the sustainability values on the economic, social and environmental level.


By its extensive experience in the field, CEI HALFAOUI has proved its professionalism in several activity sectors.


CEI HALFAOUI is composed by a certified team experienced in the firm’s fields, and assists you during the research and setup of your projects.


CEI HALFAOUI has made of its quality policy the main focus which is in constant development in order to adjust to the demanding management tasks