Mines and quarries

The mining and quarrying sector is a sector with strategic potential for the Algerian economy and industry. However, mining and quarrying activities can have considerable, even destructive, and long-lasting impacts on man and the environment, due to the massive generation of pollution in all its forms, but also due to the risks seriously threatening the safety of people.

CEI HALFAOUI assists you in every phase of your mining or quarrying project, from prospecting, production, closure to rehabilitation, and helps you to ensure your compliance with current regulations and international standards.

CEI HALFAOUI, the partner of choice for mine and quarry operators in EHS compliance

Mining and quarrying activities are known to generate pollution and degradation of human health, environment (water, soil and wildlife), infrastructure and global climate. These impacts on health and environment occur to varying degrees from the initial stages (prospecting, construction of access roads, site clearance, etc.) to the rehabilitation of the mine or quarry.

CEI HALFAOUI will help you to ensure that your activity in general, including your waste and various discharges, has the minimum impact on your sites and their surrounding environments. To this end, our services include :

Environment :

  1. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) ;
  2. Hazard Study;
  3. Environmental Audits ;
  4. Overburden and Waste Management Plan ;
  5. Liquid and gaseous discharges management plan from mobile and stationary sources ;
  6. Environmental impact monitoring and follow-up program ;
  7. Study of environmental ergonomics.

Our risk management services include :

  1. Implementation of safety plans (circulation, evacuation, etc.);
  2. Development of procedures for periodic inspections, accident or crisis management ;
  3. Development of the EHS Plan ;
  4. Development and support for the implementation of the work permit system ;
  5. Development of the EHS monitoring dashboard;
  6. Strategy consulting and crisis management.

CEI HALFAOUI, a key partner for mine and quarry operators in OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) compliance

The extractive industry is an area that can expose employees to occupational health and safety risks. These include risks related to noise (machine noise, mine blasting, etc.), dust, vibrations, detonation of explosives, and in some cases radioactivity. These risks are the cause of many occupational illnesses that can lead to early disability or even death.

CEI HALFAOUI supports you in the occupational health and safety (OH&S) compliance of your operation, through :

  1. OH&S audit ;
  2. Diagnoses and measurement of EHS regulatory compliance ;
  3. Implementation of EHS procedures ;
  4. Environmental ergonomics study ;
  5. Training and awareness-raising on good safety practices and management systems.

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