Decommissioning and decontamination study

CEI HALFAOUI, through its expertise and experience, is a pioneer and reference actor in North Africa, ready to assist you in your deconstruction, dismantling, decommissioning and environmental remediation projects.

Decommissioning: a question of expertise and experience   

The dismantling of a site, a building or an industrial structure is a complex project that requires specialized multidisciplinary skills, not only to establish a decommissioning plan but also a decontamination and clean-up program for the remediation of the site. These subjects present economic, social and environmental issues and must respect human health and environment.

CEI HALFAOUI, its experience in the management of complex projects of decommissioning and decontamination of industrial sites, will be able to advise you throughout the process.

Soil and subsoil remediation   

A decontamination study includes a diagnosis of soil and subsoil pollution. Experts from CEI HALFAOUI will visit the site and take soil samples that will be analyzed in a specialized laboratory. The diagnosis will be carried out in several phases, in compliance with international standards.

The CEI HALFAOUI study will result in a report that will analyze the different scenarios and options for remediation. CEI HALFAOUI will assist you in the choice of decontamination and decommissioning companies, supervise the works, and guarantee you a successful project in terms of quality and respect of schedules. Our solutions cover all phases of the project from A to Z, always with a high level of respect for the environment and strict safety rules.

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