The health sector in Algeria, as throughout the world, requires a high level of precision and precaution in its operation in order to offer the best services and treatments to patients.

This requirement calls for a a rigorous policy in terms of risk management and prevention.

In this precise framework, CEI HALFAOUI intervenes with its risk control and environment expertise to advise and assist health professionals in Algeria by helping them to detect, anticipate and manage the risks and potential dangers that threaten their establishments as well as their customers.

CEI HALFAOUI at the service of healthcare investors

  • Interested in investing in the healthcare ?
  • Do you want to offer services to health professionals (hospitals, medical offices, pharmacies) ?
  • Are you planning to develop a medical device ?

CEI HALFAOUI puts its teams at your disposal to carry out the feasibility studies necessary for your project:

  • Technico-economic studies: these studies are solicited prior to all kinds of investment projects in order to help investors make the best decisions. This service is declined in several formulas so that CEI HALFAOUI can adapt to your project and offer you a personalized report.
  • Market studies: these studies are precisely oriented towards the study of the target market potential in order to answer the concerns of the project leader from a market/customer point of view.
  • The business plan: its elaboration is an essential step in any investment project. At CEI HALFAOUI, the Business Consulting team will take care of your business plan so that it complies with regulations.

CEI HALFAOUI at the service of medical and hospital structures

Such structures require rigorous monitoring in terms of management and risk management. Our teams are committed to supporting you with a wide range of services for hospitals and hospital centers, such as :

  1. Environmental audits ;
  2. Risk management ;
  3. Integrated Management System (IMS) implementation ;
  4. Energy optimization.

Be assisted by CEI HALFAOUI for your certification

  • ISO 9001, ISO 13485 (Implementation of a quality management system for medical devices) or an integrated QSE – Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001)

Whether you are a company operating in the health sector, a medical practice, a clinic or a hospital establishment, CEI HALFAOUI places its certification team at your disposal to help you bring your management system up to international standards.

The certification of your institution depends on your status and goals. Our team will be able to assist you in the implementation of  :

  1. Quality Management System ISO 9001 ;
  2. Quality Management System for medical device ISO 13485 ;
  3. QSE – Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Integrated Management System (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001).

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