Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Due Diligence refers to the assessment and management of potential risk of environmental contamination in real estates, such as soil or/and groundwater contamination.  It is a process established according to international standards that is essential when selling or investing.

Why Environmental Due Diligence?   

Its objectives include (but are not limited to):

  1. Identifiying existing environmental problems at the site(s),
  2. Ensuring regulatory compliance with the ICPE regulations, labor code, etc,
  3. Anticipating/planning solutions to provide,
  4. Evaluating the costs -if any- necessary for the compliance of the site(s).

For this purpose, CEI HALFAOUI offers you the long-standing know-how of our team of environmental audit experts, and the necessary sampling and analysis.

You want to sell a share or your entire business to an investor?   

CEI HALFAOUI, a reference expert in the environmental sector in North Africa, puts at your disposal a team of auditors to audit your industrial site and/or your buildings prior to the sale.

You are about to acquire a new industrial site?

Do you want to acquire a new industrial site in order to expand your business with confidence?

In this case, it is important, even essential, to perform environmental due diligence to identify and assess all non-compliances.

The environmental due diligence of CEI HALFAOUI will guarantee you a detailed assessment of compliance for your acquisition/sale with environmental law.

The assessments cover :

  • Status of soil and subsoil pollution,
  • Atmospheric discharges,
  • Wastewater treatment and discharge,
  • Waste management,
  • Public nuisance and occupational hazards.

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