Chemistry and Miscellaneous Industries

Chemistry is a sector in its own right and is strongly involved in industry.

All sectors of industrial activity require chemical processes that obey strict protocols. Besides, the opportunities for research and development are considerable and require meticulous monitoring in terms of risk management. That said, all manufacturers are required to adhere to safety standards.

In this context, CEI HALFAOUI offers you its technical and managerial expertise to guarantee you improved performance in workplace safety, environmental management, and enhanced organizational performance.

Take advantage of CEI HALFAOUI’s technical expertise

Industrial facilities that handle chemical molecules are exposed to various risks, such as explosion and/or pollution. These risks must be anticipated and controlled in order to avoid their consequences.

Within CEI HALFAOUI, our expertise in anticipation and management of chemical risks is divided into two areas of activity: risk control and environment.

The teams of these two business areas intervene transversely on the technical problems of your sites and industrial installations. They are mobilized to conduct audits and studies according to the demand and the identified hazards in order to offer you adequate solutions.

Request the managerial expertise of CEI HALFAOUI

The managerial expertise of CEI HALFAOUI is recommended for project leaders and those who want to develop their activities or bring their managerial system up to international standards.

CEI HALFAOUI provides answers to the needs of companies in these sectors, in order to better manage the risks related to this activity and be part of a continuous improvement process. In addition, CEI HALFAOUI will enable you to anticipate your commercial, technological and strategic risks by sharing its proven expertise on the European regulation on chemical substances REACH.

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