OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) Audit

With more than 29 years of experience, CEI HALFAOUI is your ideal partner, allowing you to make the Health and Safety of your workers a major stake of your company through the realization of an “OH&S Audit”.

Why an OH&S Audit?   

An OH&S audit may be necessary in different cases:

  1. Before or after a group audit or a certification audit
  2. Following complaints or a dispute with a neighbor,
  3. To meet a regulatory requirement.

Our OH&S audit service is the indispensable management tool that allows you to protect the health of your personnel who may be exposed to a multitude of occupational hazards related to their work environment (dust, gas, noise, vibrations, light, chemicals, extreme temperatures, etc.), and to improve their working conditions for better productivity.

Our approach

Our experienced team, referring to both current regulatory requirements and international standards, carries out a relevant audit for an a deep analysis of the company’s organization, by examining in the workplace the various aspects related to the health and safety of workers (work postures, ergonomics, implemented procedures , noise exposure levels, etc.) using methodological approaches that are adapted to identify all elements of non-compliance with respect to the occupational risks to which personnel may be exposed in the workplace. On the basis of this analysis, recommendations or an action plan are governed, aimed to improving the working conditions and health of the workers in your company.

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