The energy sector in Algeria or elsewhere is shaping the modern economic world and includes a wide range of activities.

As diverse as they are, ensuring their sustainability depends on compliance with regulations, ensuring safety at all levels and controlling their impact on the environment.

Whether you are a company active in the production and distribution of electricity, gas, or renewable energies, the expertise of CEI HALFAOUI is there to support you in your projects.

Our experienced team of experts provides you with seamless support through a diverse range of services to help you achieve compliance and performance.

CEI HALFAOUI, a wide range of EHS services dedicated to the energy sector

Accidentology reveals that the energy sector is prone to the risk of disasters, dangerously threatening the lives of people and the surrounding environment.

Equipment failures, unsuitable procedures, human behavior, operability problems, non-compliance of installations: so many factors could be at the origin of serious incidents.

This is why the risks relating to your activities must be controlled in full compliance with the regulations and standards in force, in order to ensure a safe operating environment and the innocuousness of your operations.

At CEI HALFAOUI, our experts in risk management respond to both technical and managerial concerns through a series of services:

  1. HAZID/ENVID studies ;
  2. HAZOP study ;
  3. SIL Study ;
  4. QRA Study
  5. ATEX studies ;
  6. Environmental Impact Assessment
  7. Hazard study
  8. Internal Intervention Plan
  9. Diagnosis of operability ;
  10. Diagnosis of the integrity of installations and equipment ;
  11. Industrial safety audit of the means of prevention ;
  12. Safety plans (traffic, evacuation, fire, etc.) ;
  13. Audit of the management of products and chemical substances ;
  14. Organizational and technical procedures ;
  15. Accident or crisis management procedures ;
  16. Work Permit System ;
  17. EHS Plan ;
  18. Dashboard and EHS monitoring.

In addition, the businesses involved in the production, distribution and use of mass energy within sites mobilize enormous resources in terms of processes, generating waste, discharges and multiple forms of pollution in the air, water and soil.

In order to reduce these impacts, CEI HALFAOUI offers you the synergy of its experience and its advanced skills in environmental control through :

  1. Environmental sensitivity studies (soil sampling and analysis, atmospheric and aqueous discharges);
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) ;
  3. Hazard Study;
  4. Environmental management plan (waste, accidental pollution, … ) ;
  5. Environmental audits (acoustics, air emissions, dust, etc.).

CEI HALFAOUI, a privileged partner for energy professionals in EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) compliance

Processes in the energy industry are full of business risks that can affect the health, safety and working environment of employees. Maintaining and improving EHS criteria (Environment, Occupational Health and Safety) is an ongoing challenge and of major importance.

That’s why, the professionals of CEI HALFAOUI assist you in your EHS compliance through :

  1. Diagnoses and measurement of EHS regulatory compliance ;
  2. Implementation of EHS procedures ;
  3. OH&S audit ;
  4. Ergonomics and ambience study.

EHS training in the energy sector

Compliance with applicable regulations can only be synonymous with nuisance control and safe operations if good organizational, safety and environmental practices are deeply rooted in the conduct of operations.

To this end, the experts of CEI HALFAOUI provide you with a wide and diversified training offer in the field of risk management, environment, ISO management systems, adapted to the needs of your activity.

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