Environment and waste management

The issue of environmental degradation is becoming more and more sensitive in Algeria because of the pollution generated by industrial and tertiary activities. Today more than ever, it is imperative for organizations to adopt a rigorous and effective management of environmental aspects.

In this heavy mission that is environmental management, CEI HALFAOUI brings you the agility of a local partner who operates as close as possible to you in environmental issues, particularly those related to waste management and the treatment of industrial discharges.

With its hundreds of references in the environmental study, audit and support, CEI HALFAOUI has become a quality reference in this sector.

We put this experience to use for our clients by offering you assurance of quality decisional support, concrete solutions to your environmental challenges, and guidelines to support your regulatory and standards compliance.

CEI HALFAOUI, your consulting partner in liquid effluent management

There are various sources of pollution that are harmful to human health and ecosystems, on which mitigation control is imperative.

Environmental regulations require adequate treatment of industrial effluents in order to avoid any negative impact on the environment.

Whether you are a public or private company, concerned about your social and environmental responsibility (CSR), or an organization responsible for public sanitation, we have the solutions to your problems.

Our support encompasses a range of services, following methodologies in line with internationally recognized standards, and includes :

  1. Sizing study of wastewater treatment plants,
  2. Impact Studies (EIA) ;
  3. Hazard Studies ;
  4. Sampling and analysis of soils and atmospheric and aqueous discharges;
  5. Environmental Management Plan ;
  6. Environmental audit ;
  7. Training and implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

CEI HALFAOUI, assists you in your project of sites, soils and subsoils decontamination

Of all the environmental problems, that of soil and groundwater pollution is very particular and has a direct impact on the heritage value of the site. In view of this impact, rehabilitation is an essential practice and requires specialized expertise.

The CEI HALFAOUI offers you this expertise acquired over many years through a series of services including :

  1. Sampling, analysis and diagnosis of soils and subsoils ;
  2. Remediation study ;
  3. Soil remediation and rehabilitation management plan.

Control waste management in your Technical Landfill Center (TLC)

Landfill has become the most common method for the disposal of municipal waste. However, landfills can present certain problems (biogas pollution, leachate leakage, soil and groundwater pollution, treatment methods unsuitable for the type of waste, saturation of traps, exposure of local residents to nuisances, etc.).

To overcome these constraints, CEI HALFAOUI offers you the possibility to manage the operation of your TLCs through a proven expertise that includes :

  1. Audit and expertise of TLC ;
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) ;
  3. Hazard Study ;
  4. Soil and subsoil characterization ;
  5. Environmental Management Plan ;
  6. Environmental audit.

CEI HALFAOUI, a privileged partner of sanitation and waste treatment organizations in EHS compliance (Environment, Health and Safety)

Sewage treatment plants, incineration plants, sewerage networks and landfill sites are environments conducive to the risk of disease and accidents. Workers are exposed to microorganisms, toxins, fermentation gases, heavy metals, and a multitude of harmful components that require avoidance measures.  

Concerned and aware of your responsibility towards your workers and the surrounding environment, CEI HALFAOUI offers you services of excellence in terms of Safety, Health at Work and the Environment. Our expertise will allow you to remain in line with the regulations and standards in force, and this through :

  1. Diagnoses and measurement of EHS regulatory compliance ;
  2. Implementation of EHS procedures ;
  3. OH&S audit ;
  4. Chemical Management Audit ;
  5. Environmental ergonomics study ;
  6. Training and awareness-raising on good safety practices and management systems.

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