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Approved by the Algerian Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts as a reference firm in terms of technico-economic studies, sustainable development and tourism development, CEI HALFAOUI is a partner of choice for your sustainable tourism investment project.

Our teams take charge of your tourism projects with a diversified range of services divided into six areas of activity within the firm.

Assistance in tourist investment in Algeria

CEI HALFAOUI has capitalized a considerable experience on the Algerian market with national and foreign partners. Our team is made up of various skills accustomed to take charge of investment projects in various sectors of activity, especially tourism.

No matter what phase your project is in, CEI HALFAOUI will be able to offer you services adapted to your situation in a personalized manner.

Are you in the “pre-investment” phase?

Our services can be declined in several offers at the request of the customer such as :

  • Technico-economic studies to evaluate the feasibility of your projects according to a number of macro-economic criteria.
  • Environmental audits: these audits are essential upstream in this type of project to evaluate the feasibility of your tourism projects on the chosen site(s).
  • Market studies for the expansion of your offers and/or the launch of a new service.

Have you decided to go for it?

At CEI HALFAOUI, we offer full support in managing your business plan. Whether it is intended for your banking file, for investment funds and/or for the national investment council, our team will prepare a professional, attractive and compliant business plan for you.

Are you in the “post-investment” phase?

If your tourist establishment is already existing and functional, CEI HALFAOUI will take care of your environmental and economic concerns with a team of diverse competences acting transversely.

Your concerns are environmental

Environmental concerns may arise downstream at the level of tourist establishments. CEI HALFAOUI is a reference expert in environmental audits and will put its experts at your disposal in order to conduct the diagnosis and the accompaniment in the implementation of concrete solutions.

Your concerns are economic

In this context, CEI HALFAOUI places at your disposal the team of its Business Consulting pole which can offer you the adequate services in order to evaluate your offer from a customer/market point of view.

This panoply of studies allows us to estimate your current and potential market shares. In this context, our team will take charge:

  • Satisfaction studies
  • Notoriety and brand image studies
  • Consulting in range extension

Stand out from the crowd : Give an innovative boost to your tourist establishments

Managerial innovation, contribution of new approaches, optimization and economic gains 

Are you a manager of a tourist establishment in search of novelties? Or a tourism project leader in tune with new managerial trends? CEI HALFAOUI will assist you to make your ideas a reality.

CEI HALFAOUI assists you to develop an environmental culture

Sustainable development is a major concern for all economic and commercial establishments. The CEI HALFAOUI stands out as a reference player in Algeria in environmental issues, having to its credit a varied activities portfolio, broken down into several areas of activity.

CEI HALFAOUI puts at your disposal its consulting services in order to study your project and propose innovative concepts in terms of sustainable development. It is a modern approach of management which is requested by tourist establishments concerned about their image and the quality of their services.

CEI HALFAOUI helps you to optimize your energy consumption

An energy optimization allows your establishment to reduce its energy bill considerably. With its energy efficiency pole, CEI HALFAOUI assists you through an energy audit in order to propose a concrete solution.

Certify your tourism establishment ISO

Certification is an international recognition that assures your partners and customers that your establishment operates according to recognized standards. There are several ISO certifications adapted to the tourism sector. CEI HALFAOUI, as an ISO 9001:2015 certified consulting firm and thanks to its multidisciplinary team of consultants (Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment, Marketing …) is the ideal partner to help you develop your strategy and achieve your goals.

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