Risk Management

Internal intervention plan (IIP)

The internal intervention plan (IIP) is a tool for emergency preparedness to deal with major risks. It is based on:

  • A detailed analysis of the risk and its consequences ;
  • The ability to anticipate the crisis ;
  • The ability to manage its consequences (human, psychological, material, organizational).

CEI HALFAOUI has highly qualified and experienced staff of experts in the implementation of this planning tool. Our offer relies on proven methodological approaches adapted to the specifications of the industry activity and the regulatory requirements of each country.

An Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for O&G facilities

You might be asking, what is an emergency response plan (ERP)?

The emergency response plan or emergency action plan in some countries stands for the internal intervention plan (the IIP is a terminology generally used in the Algerian regulatory context). It shares the same definition, concept and methodology of the IIP approach to some extent. The emergency response plan (ERP) also aims at organizing and strengthening capacity to deliver timely and effective response during emergency events or major risks. The ERP or IIP is required in many countries depending on their regulations, notably for Oil & Gas facilitits in Algeria.

Why carry out an internal intervention plan  (IIP)?

The internal intervention plan (IIP) is a regulatory requirement for the operators of Installations classified for the protection of the environment (ICPE in french) or relating to a hydrocarbon activity. Based on Hazard assessment study’s conclusions of the industrial site, this tool is made to anticipate the evolution of events beyond the safety barriers defined in the hazard assessment study (EDD in french). When an incident occurs that may threaten personnel or the environment on or off site (in workplaces, construction sites, etc), the plan should be followed to ensure that all personnel are safe and accounted for.

The internal intervention plan IIP represents an essentially simple, practical and operational support document, known to all safety actors. Its real relevance is based on the consistency between the scenarios and the organization put in place. This is why our experts support industries through training and simulations, which are essential to provide a quality emergency response plan, while meeting our clients’ expectations.

Why choose CEI HALFAOUI to carry out your Internal intervention plan (IIP)? 

  • CEI HALFAOUI is approved by the competent authorities;
  • First Algerian industrial expertise firm certified ISO 9001 v 2015;
  • 30 years of industry experience ;  
  • Multidisciplinary staff of professionals with wide experience on diverse technical specialties ;
  • +200 emergency response plans or Internal intervention plan (IIP) carried-out;
  • With a proven qualitative monitoring system, we ensure our methods comply with the latest normative and regulatory requirements in Algeria and internationally;
  • They trusted us : Sonatrach , Naftal, Dodsal, Repsol, ENI, etc.

Adaptations are also suggested according to the business sector and the regulatory framework of your country (POI, PPI, PUI, etc.).

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