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Lightning Risk: Assessment, study, verification and inspection

Thunderstorms can cause a natural discharge of static electricity called « lightning ». This dangerous phenomenon can strike at any moment and can cause major consequences. Indeed, the lightning strike risk can be direct, causing:

  • Explosions;
  • Building collapse;
  • Machine destruction;
  • Fires…

It can generate indirect accidents putting human life in danger, such as :

  • Touching electrical transmission cables;
  • Damaging electrical and electronic equipment due to power surges
  • Causing voltage return from the earth.

What are our services regarding lightning risk  ?

CEI HALFAOUI, an expert firm in the prevention of major risks, offers you a wide range of services to control the lightning risks in your installation.

 Lightning risk assessment  

The aim of this assessment:

  • Identify of installations that should be protected;
  • Assess lightning risk to which the installations are exposed;
  • Define of the necessary levels of protection;

The evaluation notes are made using lightning risk calculator software, for the:

  • Risks of explosion or fire;
  • Other risks of buildings destruction;
  • Risks of human losses;
  • Dangerous events in general.

The lightning risk assessment is an input element of the lightning technical study.

Technical study

The lightning technical study is carried out based on the lightning risk assessment. It aims to:

  • Protect the classified installations for the protection of the environment (ICPE in french);
  • Determine the protection systems to put in place in the lightning risk zones of the installation;
  • Prevent the direct and indirect impacts of this risk.
Lightning verification/inspection 

The lightning verification is the last step. After having done an in-depth study of risks related to lightning, it is necessary to check that what was put in place is consistent with what has been prescribed, including:

  • Control of protective devices or lightning protection system (LPS);
  • Inspection of the condition of the lighting protection installations;
  • Ensuring compliance with standards and technical study.

Why choose CEI HALFAOUI? 

CEI HALFAOUI is a consulting and industrial expertise firm, ISO 9001 certified and specialized in the prevention of major risks in Algeria and internationally. With a proven qualitative monitoring system, we ensure our methods comply with regulatory requirements and the latest best practices and iinternational standards in force.

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