3500 km of pipelines: New project with SONATRACH TRC

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Date : 14 January 2021

CEI HALFAOUI has won in 2020 a contract for carrying out hazard assessment studies, environmental audits and intervention plans for SONATRACH Pipeline Transport (TRC) in the Western region of Algeria (SONATRACH TRC – RTO).

This project encompasses over 3500 kilometers of pipelines crossing 6 wilayas (provinces), which has led our experts to cover all the routes and create more than 1000 maps.

The studies that CEI HALFAOUI had to carry out allowed SONATRACH to :

1. Locate deviations from :

  1. The existing regulatory requirements;
  2. International norms and standards;
  3. International best practices.

2. Establish recommendations for the elimination or mitigation of discrepancies.

As a reminder, CEI HALFAOUI is a consulting and QSE expertise firm created in 1991, approved by the Ministry of the Environment and certified ISO 9001:2015. CEI HALFAOUI has a sharp expertise in the Oil & Gas field, its work is recognized by the authorities, particularly the ARH (Algerian Hydrocarbons Regulatory Authority). CEI HALFAOUI has several hundreds of references in the industrial studies sector, including a good part in the field of safety and environmental protection in the Oil & Gas sector.

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