HASSI MESSAOUD exhibit 2018

Category : Event

Date : 30 October 2018

CEI HALFAOUI took part in the 7th International Hassi Messaoud Exhibit, that gathered suppliers of Oil and Gas Products and Services, from 28 to 30 October 2018 in Hassi Messaoud, Ouargla, ALGERIA.

As a reminder, CEI HALFAOUI is a consulting and QSE expertise firm created in 1991, approved by the Ministry of the Environment and certified ISO 9001:2015. CEI HALFAOUI has a sharp expertise in the Oil & Gas field, its work is recognized by the authorities, particularly the ARH (Algerian Hydrocarbons Regulatory Authority). CEI HALFAOUI has several hundreds of references in the industrial studies sector, including a good part in the field of safety and environmental protection in the Oil & Gas sector.